Monday, October 11, 2010

the GATEWAYS of the Metal.

In the scene of extreme metal, the notorious Dimmu Borgir are no strangers. Having just released their ninth Studio album, it is safe to say these lads have been the originators of theatrics and symbolism in their music.

I am not the world's largest fan of the Black Metal, but I can appreciate a good song when it is written. Taking this from their Abrabadabra Album, "Gateways" is so amazingly balanced between Metal, Symphony, and lyrics of the End of Time.

Welcome to some truly gloriously metally deliciousness. Enter the "Gateways".

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maiden Still Rips!!!!!

Fear of the DarkIndeed, my brethren....I did quite see the Maiden that is Iron in the almighty Falls of Cuyahoga last week. The lads have not lost a step since I last saw them in February of 1991 (my Lord, am I really that old?). Bruce's voice held up nicely, the band was tight and the Miller Lite was plentifull. I went with my buddy, Allen and we did enjoy ourselves immensely! We met James Labrie (Dream Theater Vocalist) in the hotel \m/. I can proudly proclaim that The Metal is alive and strong in 2010 and I believe the 20,000 folks that attended the show would agree. Do you love Metal? Are you "Afraid of the Dark?"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Desmondo's Daily Offering - "The Reckoning" by Iced Earth

The Glorious Burden/Special EditionIf you are not down with the Earth that is Iced, I must pray for your soul. This band is the ultimate Power Metal giant and if you love Metal and do not know, my friend have committed a great sin. Tim "Ripper" Owens has an absolutely ridiculous vocal range and he once again showcases his Banshee howl on "The Reckoning."

"Ripper" had recently parted ways with Judas Priest to become the front man for Iced Earh after original vocalist Rob Halford returned to the almighty warriors of Metal. Tim's first album with the band, The Glorious Burden (2003), is an examination of many aspects of warfare and military figures who have shaped the modern world. "The Reckoning" is indeed a masterpiece and one of the higlights from this album. The riffage runs deep and the vocals are pure Power Metal gloriosity. Please enjoy \m/

Monday, June 14, 2010

Professional + Robot = PROBOT

I know what you fact, you don't even have to say anything and I can read your mind. Only the heinous things in life come to mind when you mention the word "Super-Group". But you must take a step back. and lay the evil attitude aside, for this is the only super group that contains the One, The Only, LEMMY.

I gotta give the props to Dave Grohol. Ya, know who would have thought that inside that little grungy-nirvana kid there lay this Rock N' Roll giant. Dave has not only created a beast with the Rock N' Roll giant Foo Fighters...but then throws it down with the PROBOT.

SO, I bid you adios! And trust that I will never leave you with anything from a Super-group (especially that of Scott-I'mawhineybuttdoucheweasel-Weiland), but in the rare case that I do....It will only be to "SHAKE YOUR BLOOD."

Holiday Update: June 13th, Day of S.O.D.!

Last night while having a few people over for a little cook out in the 100 degree weather, i put the old itunes on thing I knew I was rockin out so hard and so were the others that iwas with. One in particular turned to me and said "Dude, I have not heard this song in forever...who is it?" And I had to chastise him with an angry tone "Its the S.O.D....The STORM TROOPERS OF DEATH"

Needless to say..the rest of the night we chanted "Speak English or Die" and "F*&% the Middle East" and then ripped our faces off to "March of the S.O.D." Therefore I hereby dub June 13th 2010 as S.O.D. Day! Seriously, I you have not listened to them in a while you need to crank it up!!